A review A review we are off to a review

May 15th 2018

Teachers have been saying for years we are too busy the curriculum is too crowded now the new minister is listening and people are whinging- an review as a whole hasn’t been done since I was at school and I have two kids that have left school one who will in 18 weeks and one in year 10, and having been on national curriculum committees that took 8 years to become part of schools any naysayers don’t worry the ones of you worried here will be retired by then anyway.

I want my kids taught not knee jerk media grabbing political ideal lessons as a one off that teachers have to cram in somewhere cause the govt funds it. I want my kids taught important skills for 21st century living.

Given that this review will come as we enter the third decade. I want schools to be able to utilise IEPs for kids that are meaningful for their kids that they know as they are the teachers and the experts but that fits within a boarder curriculum.

I want someone to lead the review but give teachers ( the experts ) the ability to have a big say but having sat on a curriculum committee in Nsw I also know that parts of the history curriculum was modified as one interest group put in a submission and no one else bothered so it’s important to have a say not just complain. So it is what it is, Rob Stokes seems to be attempting to listen so start talking to him and writing submissions via your local school, teacher group, professional group, nesa run meetings, parent groups and individual submissions. You want change- or for it to stay the same stand up and have a say not just a whinge. RANT OVER, sorry just sick off oh poor us, this at least is listening to what teachers have been saying and not slamming teachers saying oh look you are the reason or parents are the reason kids are going backwards in tests.

This is a serious sensible and professional productive attempt to support educators IMHO