Education Changemakers Educhange17

October 8th 2017

As teachers students and families prepare for the start of the school term tomorrow, one thing that we should all consider is the impact on education of a good relationship between home student and school, we at FFC are here to support that be your school big or small, there is something that hums when a school engages its community in an authentic manner, not just the tick a box format.

And it's those little things that you hardly notice till they are not there that make the difference, during the holidays I was lucky enough to present to an amazing group of educators from across Australia including some from my children's school- very cool- on the benefits of working together and if we want to talk future learning let's not complain that in the 60's kids had respect and parents backed schools, we also thought no seat belts were ok and a good canning was ok. 

Also at this conference were amazing educators and a tribe of like minded people who showcased best practice and even went on to start an edurevolution, which he had googled how to do, showing that great educators bring people along and support engagement of all in the education journey. It was worth giving up my holiday in Fiji for as so much was learnt! And I got to see irl people I hadn't for ages and even one I never had though we have tweeted for years, the power of good of social media. Parent speaks at national education conference, I hope to work more closely with EC as they support the future school in Armidale. And maybe get the Templestowe College model as something schools look at.