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January 25th 2017

One of the things that we struggle with at FFC is getting our message out to teachers that we exist and travel across NSW and beyond with NESA ACCREDITED PL in parental engagement, one of the hardest to demonstrate for teachers at maintenance level, and often the last on the list, it is the seventh standard of seven after all. 

So as of today we have joined The EdEVENTS app which is also a start up business for teachers putting PL all together in on place making the choice of what you as teachers can access so much easier with it being available in both apple and android.

No more finding out after the event that fantastic PL was available but no one got the email, no more rushing to find that last bit of accredited hours in a particular, and for our teachers knowing that we offer support passed the pl, at any time, and we travel across regional and remote areas to make access so much easier, from Bourke to Hay, Inverell, Coffs Harbour and Sydney to name a few last year, and ten locations booked for semester one this year.