How to Fundraise at your school

June 8th 2018

How to fundraise at your school

This is a big question that lots of parent groups ask- mums who were the backbone of cake stalls and raffles all seem busy now. We have to think outside what worked before and come up with what works in 2018 for modern future focused families and schools.

Parents still want their children’s schools to have the extra that fundraiser provide but sometimes they just don’t have time then that terrible parental guilt steps in again so rather than offer a small bit better to just stay away.

Our school also has a 33:33:33 rule 33% of funds to be expended this year, 33% in the next 2-5 years and 33% for long term goals, ours was the bus shed, took us ten years we got it last year, because no parent wants to Fundraise for six years and their child never gets any benefit, also when you do donate to the school make sure the school community know, so they know it was their hard earned dollars helping to fund the new books, or the jumpers for cross country, or the $20 off everyone going on the Canberra excursion whatever it is your P&C funds. 

How to over come this dilemma? Flippant as it sounds these suggestions work well at schools that have used them and take the sting out of asking each year. Feel free to use and adapt for your school.

Each year send a new note out to be returned in first weeks with requests for contact details

Hi and welcome to our school P&C , we hold a meet and greet with a cash bar for parents and teachers in week two to informally get to know each other before the year gets hectic, we hope to see you there to drop this back if you can’t make it please return via your child or if a teenager, via your email as we all know this note is in the bottom of a bag so hopefully the school has also emailed you.


Contact details

I love meetings and would like to join the p&c

I am happy to volunteer please contact me when needed

I have a skill to add ie baking, accounting, gardening, event planning

Please only contact me twice a year

I have a network of friends who can also help because we have fun together

I can’t make your meeting time but I’m interested in other ways of participating

I’m happy to do one thing a year

Please please here is $100 I want a receipt for my tax now leave me alone till next year