NAPLAN as a high stakes test

December 13th 2016

Today I was interviewed on prime news on the increasingly high stakes testing that is naplan and how it sets up now teachers kids schools and parents to be further fodder for political grandstanding. 

By definition half of all students will be below average in the test, that's how averages work. 

Parent research in NSW says that parents want more than just naplan and tests for their children at school but these tests now will mean that students from 2020 who don't achieve a band 8 in literacy won't achieve an HSC. Funding in schools also is predicated on results.

The mantra that comes from politicians is teachers must do better, parents must do better, kids must do better, and by the way the funding doesn't make a difference, many actually in schools would disagree, and all the extra hoops won't necessarily make any difference. They talk about teachers not being skilled enough, but they are professional and have four year degrees, and actually given that only 30% of the population goes to uni, really are they as unskilled as it is portrayed?