No More Harm Conference Melbourne 2018

April 8th 2018

No More Harm

Last year towards the end of the school year we at Family Focus Consultancy looked at an email not really thinking just how much it would impact us less than 6 months later.

One Monday we went and sat in the local cafe, as renovations made the house way too noisy and wrote three abstracts for a conference No More Harm, a National Annual Conference on anti bullying. The abstract topics looked written for the area Family Focus Consultancy works in so we pitched three and were ecstatic to get one up, can’t be greedy. And the fellow presenter list looks like a who’s who of people supporting communities in wellbeing so I’m sure it will be an amazing place for us to share and also learn and bring back what we learn to share with the teachers Schools and parents we work with. Our workshop presentation

What we couldn’t know last year is just how close to home this topic would again become for us this year. We have a daughter who has given permission to use her story, she has mental health diagnoses and during a bad episode earlier this year, two weeks prior to the federal government funding to schools for bullying support she attempted suicide and was admitted to hospital, her teachers and friends rallied round as did a team of allied health professionals which isn’t always easy in rural areas. Her School support continued amazingly yet when she returned three days after a return to school meeting girls in her year 12 class told her to kill herself, and bully her for her mental health issues, luckily we have gotten screen shots - a trauma in itself of these young adults actions and passed it on to the school who we have every faith will deal with bullying of our vulnerable acutely ill child. These actions don’t just affect the young person but the whole family involved, her brother, her sisters, her wider family who have trauma about suicide and mental health concerns all have been affected. Having such a good relationship based on trust and respect between family and school makes this a less stressful process and we trust that we are like a village we are working together to make Skate safe and well and resilient enough to manage her health when she finishes school and can make choices that remove her from horrible mean girls who think it's ok to tell other girls to kill them selves and then laugh about it on social media. And hopefully next year I can come back and give an update that will be much more positive