NSW Parliamentary inquiry into Education of students with a disability or special needs in New South Wales

September 21st 2017

Earlier this year on behalf of my son and our family and also in conjunction with NSW P&C I wrote and supported writing two submissions into this inquiry, I was then given the privilege by P&C to represent them at the public hearings and also give verbal testimony. 

I read the final report today and what I learnt from it is stop working in silos and start working together and parents and schools shouldn't be enemies we have to work together to support our kids with disabilities, our rural and remote kids, our gifted kids or our ESL kids. Wow it seems so easy, yet it can fail so quickly, let us at FFC help you navigate how to work together better, to engage parents and turn that lawnmower parent into your schools best advocate, it does happen, I love my kids school and the teachers in it are teachers I wish I could bottle and share- well not our principal, head teacher admin, and careers advisor are too good to share, so come do a school visit instead for them, but seriously, working together is the way for better outcomes, Australian research that informs what we do here at FFC shows two to three years growth when we stop bagging each other and start working together. Let's stop letting the media and political point scoring help drive us apart

if you are looking for evidence about my kids school check out page 30. I think they are awesome! And it's on the state record, help us help you make yours as good  

Parliamentary Report Education of students with a disability or special needs in New South Wales