OMGosh what's been happening?

September 14th 2017

Well it might seem all slow at FFC lately however behind the scenes rather a lot has been happening, most of it very exciting.

We have been working on getting our highly accomplished and lead courses endorsed, we already know they are fantastic from all your amazing feedback! We have also planned some courses for term 4 which are on the Workshop page , check them out- do you need those last few hours of accredited pd for this years maintenance? Are you planning a parental engagement project for your next school plan? We can assist you there.

Last month I got a new gig working as a state coordinator for ARACY - they do amazing work check them out and it fits beautifully in with FFC's ethos, so I can't wait to work with them and share what they do in particular the Parental Engagement side of their work, how lucky am I - I think I bored the poor woman who offered me the job with my passion for authentic parental engagement (sorry Becks).

Then the most exciting thing yesterday happened while I wasn't expecting it at all, I had spoken to Education Changemakers a few times as I love their work and what they do and had had a bit of a disappointment at a previous conference I presented at, due to all the people trying to sell stuff, hello I'm the mum at the school, I'm not able to buy technology for them, so please stop requesting meetings with me via the app, even though I'm a speaker! So I had chatted with the amazing Summer, after twice also applying for their mentoring programs for education businesses, and she said we are your tribe, which in my heart I knew, as even though we haven't meet yet irl we have had many twitter chats over the years from when we both were in previous roles. Anyway to get to the point, I had spoken to Summer about talking at EC17, but hadn't really heard anything further so guessed that their agenda was full, and given that was planning the holidays around other things, then the amazing Maddie sent an email, and guess what, I'm speaking on the first day of the free get tickets here EC17 conference! In Melbourne, I have packed my keep cup already! Baristas here I come, and looking at the line up I'm guessing I'll be fangirling Educators for the week, and to top it all off my kids schools are sending a team so I know they value what I do in education and maybe I'll get to talk about my passion to them too, I have giant freckles to share!