Sometimes you have to be squeaky

January 5th 2017

This week while we were away on annual holidays a letter arrived at home from Education NSW.

I was waiting for this letter as I had put in an appeal to a decision to not grant my support class son assisted transport.

I had applied as his attendance was down to 50% and that was before term 5 which he refused to go to. He has complained all along that the noise on the bus is stressful and he has about an hour on the bus every morning and afternoon to get to school.

The transport was only applied for to be a strategy to get him to school based on his bad days and his school refusals. Unfortunately with the original request his attendance data was not included. When we had his IEP meeting at the end of the year the wonderful principal offered a letter of support to the appeal on school letterhead if required, but I was short of time and just submitted a brief two sentence, emails from the HSLO stating he wasn't on their caseload and his attendance data from the school with every text reply I had given to why he was away when requested by the school.

I had only applied for morning transport as he is an independent traveler and as he said he didn't want to be treated like a snowflake- my answer to that was well stop acting like one.

I am lucky as I know the rules policies, and have a fantastic relationship with the school principal for support and back up as needed.

So by now if you have read this far I'm guessing you want to know the outcome. Well I had my friend rip it open and read it to me, and the appeal outcome was that the appeals panel had considered his circumstances and were going to grant him transport for 2017 with a review at the end of the year with planning and strategies put in place with the school and regional staff. And he has 5 days a week both morning and afternoon to allow for consistency, I hadn't even applied for afternoons.

I guess this says know your rights and the ability to appeal, and don't give up if the first answer is no.