Gonski - why parents should care

November 30th 2015

The other night at our monthly P&C meeting (7pm third Wednesday of the month at the bowling club, all welcome) it was extremely exciting to listen to the wonderful quality, exciting ways our school community has chosen to use its "Gonski" money. This additional funding into our school and all schools based on need is a well received and thought through benefit for our kids. The funding model recognises that to create great learning environments we need to support schools and students in a way that ensures students are funded based on their need. Sounds sensible right? Well it is. Duval P&C has a history of supporting Gonski funding being part of the Fair Funding bus tour across NSW in February 2012, then along with the Tamworth high delegate moving the motion at P&C annual conference 2012 that saw state P&C embrace unanimously support for the Gonski funding model.

What we need now is for the last two years of federal funding on this to be guaranteed and delivered as committed when NSW signed the funding agreement with the Federal Govt in April 2013. Our kids deserve to see politicians follow through on such an important agreement.

To support this please consider adding your voice to the www.igiveagonski.com.au campaign.