Our petition worked!

July 13th 2015

Last week I wrote my first blog about ranting and the lose of School A to Z. On Thursday evening last week I started a petition on change.org to reinstate what had already been produced by School A to Z as it is such a great resource for parents and the wider school community, also for teachers looking to enhance their own parental engagement strategies.

I know many schools who use the spelling words on the app to support children.
This isn't just a support for parents who are disengaged but for all parents, and the resources are of high quality.

After starting the petition I shared it across several social media platforms and with lots of my email contact list to ensure it was widely seen.

I had many people message, tweet, comment on it, and given that over the site has an impressive social media presence I wasn't surprised by this, it has almost 7000 more followers than the main education department on Twitter and almost 9000 more on Facebook. Making this a much loved and also award winning, I found out through this campaign, site for the department of education.

Monday morning this week I was busy at a training meeting, and a tweet came up on my phone saying "it's back".

Imagine my surprise and excitement, I shared with all present, none of whom were involved in education the excitement I was feeling as slowly bit by bit the site came back to life.

Our petition had worked! Power to the People, and well done to the sensible decision maker who had it restored given the outcry over its obviously misguided demise.

Helping to bring about the restoration of School A to Z as an individual parent shows to me the importance of not just saying that someone else will fix it, assuming that a body of others would do that vital work on parent engagement, making sure that educational bodies value parents and support scaffolds to support parents engaging.

Parents and carers often need support to meaningfully engage at schools and schools also often need this support. If they work together putting the child at the centre the outcomes improve for all.

Family Focus Consultancy was created to also support these interactions and we would be pleased to talk to you about how we can help.