Parent Teacher Nights

August 19th 2015

A few years ago at the high school my children attend the P&C did a very in depth survey on parental communication. It became one of the focus areas for the school over the next few years and the P&C has since then funded a part of the sass staff to allow for extra time for better communication.

One of the findings of the survey is take the child out of the communications loop. Startling? Maybe, but not really, how many high schoolers take the handout home? How many notes get left on the desk as they leave the class? Or like my girls, they used to pay each other not to tell me when something like parent teacher night is on, so by the time I found out no teacher appointments were available.

This year we also missed the first parent teacher night as my son doesn't have the skills to ask the teachers to sign the form, and no one at school noticed to support him.

Now the school has now finally gotten an online booking system, which was fantastic, it named all teachers my children have and for what subject and had times so I could book times that didn't clash for the two kids. Woo hoo so I now am off to my first high school parent/teacher night in too many years. I am perversely looking forward to it, I often have contact with the school, however not always directly with the teacher who actually teaches my kids, often with the front office staff, the year adviser, the specialist teachers or teachers of extra curricular activities, or the executive staff. I am looking forward to an open and frank conversation both ways, and I hope that if I am expected to hear critical comments, which I'm sure I will, they are kids not Angels, that it is delivered with grace and care, and that one teacher who has created grief in our house might understand a bit more clearly the impact of their actions. I hope this adds to our partnership in my kids education, cause it takes a partnership to scaffolding and support kids- the old it takes a village.

So if your school hadn't yet started to migrate to online, make sure you let them know that it's a great way to communicate, and it really does support communication that is parent friendly.