Where oh where is my beloved School A to Z?

July 3rd 2015

Last night as I sat down to schedule some posts on Facebook for Family Focus Consultancy I got a rude shock.

The website I love and refer to often for parent supports of all kinds was gone. Totally disappeared, the links just take you back to the new Department of Education page talking about changes to the Department and the website, and a blog about student wellbeing, funny thing is parent support like School A to Z enhances student wellbeing, in fact the standard we offer professional learning in 7.3.2 says Establish and maintain respectful collaborative relationships with parents/ carers regarding their children’s learning and wellbeing.

Where oh where was my beloved School A to Z??

Now I have loved this site and the content it provided to help parents since I first heard about it five or six years ago, it was a section of communication tailored to Parents and very responsive to needs- last year I Facebook messaged them with an assignment nightmare.. The assignment came home with this is due in week eight.. Now I'm a mum in the non teaching world so that meant nothing to me? When is week eight I ranted at the assignment sheet? I jumped online as lots of parents do and looked up the departments website for school dates but nowhere was there any reference to week eight... Hmm. So I facebooked the friendly team at school A to Z and magic appeared. A school calendar with the normal dates that us parents understand and the weeks of the term that schoolies get (Week 8 was mid June FYI) appeared as a Facebook post for all parents.

This site has over 10000 followers on both Facebook and Twitter, a pretty impressive number and almost 3000 more than follow the main department Twitter feed.

So what to do? Well a couple of years ago I would have rung a journalist as the spokesperson for the parent body but that isn't an option anymore. I posted how sad I was on Facebook and I tweeted the minister concerned, that I was sad- but I'm more than sad. This is a great resource for parents. It's a great resource for schools too. It has assignment support for students and spelling words, it has support for resilience and if you need to buy expensive school shoes ( I forgot to read that) It had interviews with teachers, experts and parents about pertinent issues.

All these things were now gone. So I started my first ever petition on change.org asking that the materials already created be hosted again on the department of education's website.

I hope its successful, its my second favourite website of all time. And I love sharing it with you all.

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