Family Focus goes to Luna Park for Education Nation 2016

April 9th 2016
Family Focus Consultancy presenters Wayne Chaffey and Rachael Sowden will be presenting at Education Nation 2016 
This is a marvellous opportunity for us to demonstrate what Family Focus Consultancy can offer to support you and your school. And a fantastic way for us to share our materials at a National Conference which is hosting a plethora of Amazing Education speakers (#fangirling here) 
We will be Presenting on The Parent Factor, and participation in the workshop will give you an hour of accreditation via BOSTES in standard 7.3.2 at a proficient teacher level. Check out the community strand of workshops. 
This 90 minute interactive session will give you an insight into just what Benefits parental engagement can have in student wellbeing and how enhanced partnerships between school and home put students in the centre of all such relationship. 
And well..... Luna Park, "just for fun"