What teachers are saying about us

February 25th 2016

Tamworth – all 4 and 5 stars

I think this course would be invaluable to Preschool Directors especially.

Discussion and ideas about parent engagement were good, I’m keen to discuss strategies with staff at work.

Course met expectations, got some of my Bostes accreditation and learnt some strategies for involving parents

Well run course, thank you.

It was educational and helped develop ideas and ways to have parents involved in school

Well prepared and I enjoyed elements of individual work/creating of ideas followed by discussion.

Was good to continue to stress/place importance on communication with parents and how vital that is as a teacher.

Relevant Practical and useful

Presented in a way that encouraged reflection and change in practice.

Thoughtfully presented and tried to target specific area of interest.

It would have been good to have more participants to hear what other schools are doing


Armidale all 4 and 5 stars

The face to face delivery is great in that it gives you the focus (and time to focus) on the course information.

Great informal supportive atmosphere

I would look forward to some support and advice moving forward creating our plans.

I like that the course helped me identify what I am doing well as far as communication and also, importantly, has made me think about what I need to change and new things I could even timetable in. well done you.

It has been inspirational in that there are changes I will work towards in the school not just my class- I like it when training leads to positive change.


Inverell all 4 and 5 stars

Thoroughly engaging course with opportunity for relevant and robust discussion

Opportunity to develop our ideas and hear the ideas of others

I liked the parent scenarios’

FANTASTIC- would have been great for our whole school to be here to be honest!

The conversation and dialogue was the most useful to me

Thank you Wayne I found this very useful in assisting me to frame ideas and identify where we need to go next.

Having a school team at the session would have been valuable

A great workshop and an enjoyable day

Honest and open discussion very helpful sharing ideas

Information was good quality and relevant

Question is always “what can I use tomorrow?” and course gave me some good ideas to follow up on

P&C discussion and ideas very good

All participants welcomed to participate

Professionally inspirational

Was very worth attending thank you Wayne


Tenterfield – all 5 stars

Found the touch of research very useful as thinking purely from a parent’s point of view can be very difficult. Good to see from a wider perspective.

I believe the best part of the course is being able to hear other “real life” strategies and tangible plans/ideas to take back to school.

I think the plan for more information and strategies for schools to engage with parents through social media would be extremely useful