School Development Days

Family Focus Consultancy is able to offer whole school workshops for either half day or a full day that can be done at any time of year as an alternative to end of year SDD's. 

Our course can be either four hours with one hour of registered APTS 7.3.2 which we have successfully run for groups of between 15 and 90, with parents being invited to be part of the planning on parental engagement for free, and cost for schools kept to a minimum but based on travel and staff numbers. 

These courses usually run after school or the whole day ones can be run at a time that suits the school and gives six hours of accredited PL in APTS 3.7.2 & 7.3.2.

Both these courses are designed to support the whole school and are beneficial for all staff, from canteen supervisors, School Learning Assistance Officers, Sass staff, Executive and other who are crucial to helping create a welcoming school environment for your school. 

Teams working through the Parental Engagement matrix get a greater understanding of where their school is and as a whole school cohort can manage implimenation of actions inline with school plans and community expectations.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a school workshop.