Teacher Workshops

Family Focus Consultancy can offer you, and your whole school community, NESA endorsed professional learning workshops that align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers standards 7.3.2 and 3.7.2.

These workshops can be tailored to suit your school community needs. From a one-hour session through to a whole day professional development experience, we work with you to ensure you get the most out of your Family Focus Consultancy session.

Introduction to Parent Engagement

This one-hour course can easily be integrated into a staff meeting. Professional development has never been more convenient. Simply contact us to discuss a suitable date and time for one of our presentation team to host a session.

Improving Parent Engagement for Enhanced Student Wellbeing

This 6-hour course is facilitated off-site in comfortable venues with catering provided. The sessions provide participants with an opportunity to network with other members of local educational communities. If you would like to host a whole day workshop at your school just contact us and we will endeavour to meet your needs.  

Upcoming workshops are listed below. Please find a date and location that suits you and make your booking.

All day sessions across NSW are NESA accredited and include:

Examining and discussing research undertaken in NSW across sectors on what parents want from engagement. The session also looks at wider Australian research and International studies to see what may be learnt and shared.

Teachers are taken through best practice ideas utilising real-life case studies. These scenarios and experiences will then look to build on the work already happening in school settings.

A ‘Welcoming School Checklist’ is provided to help with any "dead dog audit" issues that may need to be addressed. The session is also shown the value of relationships to two-way communications and it is demonstrated how that success directly enhances student wellbeing.

In the latter part of the day, the participants learn to use a reflection tool on parental engagement. This then helps the participant start to consider a plan that can be applied in class, at different stages, for specific faculty or across the whole school.

Throughout the day tips from other teachers and schools are shared along with research details and helpful links.

Following the workshop Family Focus Consultancy can be engaged to work directly with individuals, whole school staff or to address parents within the school environment. Family Focus Consultancy invests and believes in all of our participants and the benefits our courses provide in both, obtaining NESA accreditation and for the improvement of student wellbeing.